1) красота, краса, прелесть, обаяние

The life that is past gains beauty. — Прошлое всегда красиво.

There is no definite standard of male beauty. — Нет никаких определенных критериев мужской красоты.

Beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases: it will never pass into nothingness. — Красота всегда будет прекрасна, ее неповторимость возрастет: она никогда не уйдет в небытие.

- unusual beauty
- perfect beauty
- original beauty
- dazzling beauty
- unmatched beauty
- unearthly beauty
- moral beauty
- stately beauty
- fresh beauty
- beauty parlour
- beauty shop
- beauty doctor
- beauty treatment
- beauty sleep
- beauty spot
- beauty contest
- beauty queen
- beauty of the forest
- inexhaustible beauty of his music
- beauty of a face
- beauty of form
- wild beauty of nature
- beauty of a building
- beauty of mind
- beauty of character
- beauties of the city
- long-forgotten beauties of the sea
- unequalled in beauty
- feature of feminine beauty
- picture of wonderful beauty
- thing of beauty
- aids to beauty
- add beauty to smth
- add a fantastic beauty to the scenery
- have a keen susceptibility for beauty
- enhance beauty
- preserve the beauty of the original
- enjoy the beauties of life
- be charmed with the beauty of the scene
- keep one's beauty in old age
- bring out accentuate smb's beauty
- choose a wife for her beauty
- see the place in its fullest beauty
- unite beauty and wit
- abound in beauties
- beauty remains but changes
- beauty fades
- man of great personal beauty
2) красавица, красотка

She is a beauty. — Она - красавица.

She was a great beauty in her day. — В свое время она была красавицей.

She was not a striking beauty but she had undoubtedly a pleasing face. — Она не была женщиной поразительной красоты, но у нее, без сомнения, было приятное лицо.

Beauty is only skin-deep. — Снаружи красота, а внутри - пустота. /Лицом хорош, да душой не пригож. /Нам с лица не воду пить.

Beauty lies/is in lover's eyes. — Не то мило, что хорошо, а то хорошо, что мило.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. — У каждого свое представление о красоте

- famous beauty
- proud beauty
- dazzing beaty
- society beauty
- fading beauty
- village beauty
- beauty show
- acknowledged beauty of the screen
- beauty in all her splendor

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